Subliminal Message for Detroit City Government: Watch Manda Bala

This had to be posted separately although originally it was intended to go along with the recap of today’s hearings by the Detroit City Council. However, the comments by the public so voluminous on this event, the movie recommendation would have gotten lost amidst the other points, so here it is: MANDA BALA. It would be worth anyone’s time to watch this revealing film that has won several awards, but it is particularly being suggested for anyone in Detroit City government, and particularly, those in high public offices (read: the Mayor). While the film centers on the corruption of government in Brazil, the concept APPLIES.

Abstract: Manda Bala—> points fingers at corrupt politicians, illustrating how their greed leads to civilian poverty, and how this destitution leads to crime.

 Manda Bala - About the cost of political corruption

Self explanatory enough? (though perhaps not for Monica Conyers… the public consensus regarding her participations in the city’s hearings unanimously has been: “she clearly has a big “agenda”, and this is to divert any negativity away from herself or the city at the expense of the citizens and… the TRUTH“.) The subliminal message for our leaders is: WE DON’T WANT DETROIT TO BECOME LIKE THIS. Fair enough request?


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