Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Now Pushes Propaganda Using Police and Fire Department Workers

Check it out— there’s no level to which Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will not stoop to keep his hold on the City “throne”. Now it’s propaganda using Police and Fire department workers. Mayor Kilpatrick decides to pull the very NEEDED police and fire department force off of crime and safety diligence to instead, go door to door at residents homes with “bags of propaganda” on behalf of the Mayor. They are directed to hand deliver “baggies” to residents whom previously, never received so much as visit by Kilpatrick to their areas. Residents didn’t mince words saying, “This a bunch of BULLshit, and we threw it in the garbage…” Video HERE: Kilpatrick’s Latest: Pushing Propaganda

See also Fox 2 News Update April 16, 2008: City Employees Now Push Mayor’s Propaganda 

What Lies Right To Our Face


3 Responses

  1. Tea-time Recaps it pretty well— let’s post it!

  2. Is that legal????How must this make the citizens feel who have called the fire department, police department or EMS and gotten delayed or no response?

  3. Why is Kilpatrick using taxpayer money to have handouts printed up for re-election paperwork?
    Why is Kilpatrick using firefighters, paid by the taxpayers, to pass out ridiculous information.
    WHO’S WATCHING THE MONEY SPENT while he is still in office? Kilpatrick and Beatty CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

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