Why This Blog Was Created: To add to the growing voices of concern regarding corrupted leadership in the State of Michigan. Detroit specifically is a city that has been allowed to run amok. It is time for a change. Everyone knows this.

Who Can Contribute: Anyone of the public, resident or not, is free to share their thoughts, concerns, ideas for improvement, or comment on the recent state of affairs regarding current leadership. It is the public whose hard earned money is the fund which pays the salaries of those in government. Let us remember that were there no taxpayer, there would be NO government. The people have every right to give voice to the abysmal situation the State of Michigan has been experiencing; and the freedom to express themselves. Perhaps our leaders will start listening.

So Why Is This Blog URL Called “GoAwayKwame”? The recall and ending in public office of the presiding Mayor of Detroit has become a universal and common topic of concern for everyone, not just Michigan residents. The legal system has been mocked and manipulated; poor leadership continues to the detriment of families that reside here and to the diverse communities within this state. Kilpatrick particularly, has abused his authority and role as a public official and is therefore a topic of focus on this blog so long as he continues to do so. His behavior and mismanagement remains inexcusable and it is hoped by the majority of Michigan residents, if not all of them, that immediate action be taken for new leadership towards POSITIVE change. For most of us, this essentially translates into: CHANGE the current Kilpatrick administration.

A Note To Prospective Leaders: People are not ignorant to the injustice and exploitations of those who prefer to line their own pocket rather than stand for the people they claim to serve. We as people are not just a “nation of color, race and creeds” to be used for political agendas. Rather, we are a nation of HUMANITY. This is the single unifying principle that should be remembered amidst all governing bodies and individual officials; the very core premise from which all public service should be endeavored. Offenses of lies by commission, lies by omission, blatant manipulation of authoritative roles, and the abuse of public money simply needs to stop. It is hoped that changes WILL happen in Michigan, and that people can begin to feel confident in their leadership once again.

Every voice counts for change. Thanks for visiting.  


5 Responses

  1. great site…

    time to take the power back

  2. Hey Mike, thanks for the shout out! Yes, people are angry at this situation and ARE going to speak out about it in whatever way it takes until folks with the power to do something (like the Governor, AG, etc.) start doing something. Many are now contacting the federal government to voice their outrage. This situation is beyond all containing at just local levels now. Thanks so much again, and great blog! We have linked to you and all others that stop by here too. Best to you!

  3. Thanks,
    I just had to say thanks for the shout out for one! Also I enjoy the content and the subject matter. Keep up the good work with informing the people.


  4. Yall need to be MORe concerned about the corruption happening in the WHite house….Kwame pales in comparison with all of the stuff happening on Wall Street and Gas Prices and Foreclosures etc…Dont be so stupid!

  5. Yeah hi — what most of the rest of us in DETROIT all find extraordinarily stupid is idiots that think comparing degrees of offense is a valid argument like the numnut detroiter above retardedly posted.

    Kwame and STATE LEADERS LIKE HIM are the ones that MAKE UP the people in the WHITE HOUSE. Freaking idiot. Glad Kwame is gone; folks in our hood are ready for change.

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