The KWAME Sutra – Secret Documents Released

More “super secret” text messages have been released per Circuit Court ruling this week. But what really makes the situation more comical is the chain of events leading up to the ruling. First, Mayor Kilpatrick’s (very expensive, NON Detroit, NON African American) defense team attempted denying the messages existed, then when that didn’t work, they denied they belonged to Kwame Kilpatrick but at the same time orchestrated the argument that they shouldn’t be released on public record (even though they ARE public record paid for by the public). Kudos to the Honorable Robert Columbo presiding for employing basic common sense. The Judge simply asked the obvious, which is, if these are NOT the Mayor’s communications, then why object to their release after all, you claim they are not his in the first place right? The judgment: Sorry Kwame, public official correspondance really IS public record. Exactly.   So here’s the video: Wayne Circuit Rules Official Records PUBLIC – Documents Released 

And the “Kwame Sutra” is here. Truly, this sort of communication wholly inappropriate and out of order. What a shameful embarassment for Detroiters who are and will continue paying the price for this Mayor’s misbehaviors, which included his cell phone bill. Not the kind of activity people should be paying for with their tax dollars.

 Article recapping these explicit messages here. Kwame Kilpatrick is aware he can no longer sham the world but he will still keep trying! After these messages were released Tuesday, he went on all the local news channels saying they are “just a hoax, they not mine”. Can you believe it?! Hilarious.

Perhaps equally egregious however, is the fact that Kwame Kilpatrick has also scammed the people yet AGAIN by making taxpayers pay for his legel defense. Attorney James Burdick who represents Kwame Kilpatrick in the text message scandal was awarded a $24,500.00 contract – just $500.00 below the amount requiring City Council approve it. Since it was below the limit, the law department headed by Kwame’s cousin John Johnson pushed it on through. Say buh-bye to another 25K of your hard earned tax dollars Detroiters!

Detroit City Council’s Reaction – Video.


Editorial: Man Keeps Mansion But Woman Gets Tethered? A Message To Christine Beatty

Found a fabulous article that well articulates the double standard being applied specifically in the Kwame Kilpatrick scandal. Anne Doyle a stategic analyst and consultant has voiced what so many of us have observed throughout the Kilpatrick trial which is: one standard has been applied to the male leader; and a much tougher one to his female subordinate.

The fact remains: Kwame Kilpatrick is culpable, not Beatty, when it comes to the 7 year history of damage done to the city. Beatty is an extremely young woman whom many suspect simply lacked the “wisdom that comes with age” when it comes to dealing with powerful and DANGEROUS egos. This does not excuse her part in the affair, but puts it into a more correct context. Anne encapsulates some of these truths in questioning:

Last Friday, Magistrate Steve Lockhart had Christine Beatty hauled into his courtroom because she had attempted to travel out of state to look for a job, without asking the court’s permission. Lockhart responded by ordering her to wear an electronic tether, denying her the right to leave the state “for any reason” and questioned “who would hire someone facing felony charges.” …. The tether and travel restrictions would have made it nearly impossible for her to find a job to support herself and her children.

Excuse me? Last time I checked, a certain someone who is facing even more extensive felony charges than Beatty was still collecting his public paycheck, living for free in the Manoogian Mansion, being driven around town in a city-owned vehicle by his city-paid security, and going to church in Texas.

Does anyone besides Judge Humphries see anything wrong here?  Christine Beatty is not my candidate for the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame, but I can’t simply seethe silently and not speak up about the double standard.

Right on Anne! And yes, we do see something wrong. We see that Kilpatrick, with a documented history of theft, extortion, lies and corruption is allowed to not only solicit public money to defend himself, but he was the FIRST one to recommend (publically) that “Beatty should resign”… Yet he himself will spare NO expense to maintain his hold on the city throne, despite that the real criminal is —-> HIMSELF! Notice that Christine Beatty doesn’t have a $700 dollar attorney or a defense fund. The article continues:

Beatty resigned her position within a few days of the scandal breaking, realizing immediately that she had lost credibility and could no longer perform her job. Kilpatrick had the gall to say that Beatty “had to go,” and to wish her well while insisting that he must continue to collect his paycheck and all the benefits of his position because he’s “doing the work of God.” Insiders are also suggesting these days that the mayor’s office is suffering without Beatty

I’ve no doubt the city is suffering actually, because Beatty was PRECISELY the sort of woman that got things done. Yet, many (women) could see this coming. Indeed, we wished we knew her more personally to forewarn her that when you are on a playing field of high flyers; you play at YOUR OWN risk. Again, this does not exempt her from accountability, but puts clarity on the real issues which ALL stem from Kwame Kilpatrick well before Beatty arrived on the scene. See more at Anne Doyle’s editorial here.

So here’s a message to Christine Beatty: Christine, straighten up and fly right girl! Kwame could care less about you or anyone. Don’t think his back door smack won’t apply to you; in a court of law, he will be out to save his own ass at ANY price; including that of your own life and children. Call Kym Worthy, tell her Kwame is a big piece of shit and you know it first hand. Make sure you obtain witness protection and get the heck out of Michigan. Your attorney is not going to be able to save you woman, you will need to rise up, admit the wrongs, make it right on your own and learn from it. It is not the end of the world that you caved in to the glittering world of high powered politics; it happens every day. But every day that you don’t come forward is a day that will be added to your sentence if you are found guilty. The prosecution doesn’t want you; they want Kwame. Everyone knows who is truly responsible for the demise of Detroit. The prosecution will be much kinder to you than a jury; so step out and and get yourself off the hook.

Hope she gets the message.