Kilpatrick: Everyone’s Favorite “BOO”, Yall’s Boy Mom Ousted, Lawyer Quits – And Conyers Gets Etiquette Lessons From 8th Graders (Video)

Recapping the latest events surrounding Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick here in June 2008 for your amusement. Where to even begin? Kwame’s lead attorney Sam McCargo quits. And reason being: he feels ethically challenged now that he is aware of the scandalous behaviors of the mayor. Wow! A miracle! After being paid thousands of dollars, and after arguing that Kwame’s text messages paid for by public funds were somehow exempt… he now MAGICALLY feels pulled by the call of his own conscience. Yah big surprise. We here are really empathic. (No actually we are not, just being facetious…) Lawyer Down-Lo Here.

The Kwame quote of the year (Detroit News). “When you really think about it, from 1776 to 2008, men, women of all ages, colors and creeds died in this country for Kwame Kilpatrick and you to have the right to a fair trial. So it’s not about the politics as much as it is about the American jurisprudence system that we can’t allow to be bastardized.” 

Nice. And why does that last word seem to fitting yet so out of context coming from Kwame???? Video below:

Kwame And Monica

We also learned this month that Kwame is everyone’s favorite “BOO”…  literally that is. Video: Kwame Get’s “Boo’ed” on the news here, and another below:

But everyone’s favorite video this month is: MONICA CONYERS GETS ETIQUETTE LESSONS FROM 12 YEAR OLD (Daily Kos Article) Everyone jumped up and applauded on this one. And the funniest part- it’s completely true! In a recent interview Conyers decides to debate children in what appears an attempt to justify her historically bad behaviors. But they weren’t buying it! Check it out below:

Of course it’s really no big surprise the trial is further delayed thanks to the improprietous relations District Judge Giles has with Kilpatrick. That coupled with Sharon McFail’s ongoing efforts to kabash the trial regardless. She now likens Kwame’s interrogation to  the 1950’s Red Scare Prosecution scandal. How abysmal! Not really worth linking to since no one listens to Sharon but here ya go…..

And lastly, a “report card” of current city authorities by Free Press writer Brian Dickerson “Grading Detroit…” There is more drama going on in Detroit City than on all the soap opera’s on prime time television.



Subliminal Message for Detroit City Government: Watch Manda Bala

This had to be posted separately although originally it was intended to go along with the recap of today’s hearings by the Detroit City Council. However, the comments by the public so voluminous on this event, the movie recommendation would have gotten lost amidst the other points, so here it is: MANDA BALA. It would be worth anyone’s time to watch this revealing film that has won several awards, but it is particularly being suggested for anyone in Detroit City government, and particularly, those in high public offices (read: the Mayor). While the film centers on the corruption of government in Brazil, the concept APPLIES.

Abstract: Manda Bala—> points fingers at corrupt politicians, illustrating how their greed leads to civilian poverty, and how this destitution leads to crime.

 Manda Bala - About the cost of political corruption

Self explanatory enough? (though perhaps not for Monica Conyers… the public consensus regarding her participations in the city’s hearings unanimously has been: “she clearly has a big “agenda”, and this is to divert any negativity away from herself or the city at the expense of the citizens and… the TRUTH“.) The subliminal message for our leaders is: WE DON’T WANT DETROIT TO BECOME LIKE THIS. Fair enough request?

Youth Speak Out About Kwame Kilpatrick With Video

A courageous young man has sent a letter to the news articulating his deep disappointment about Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. As a resident and young student he has witnessed and experienced first hand the continuing decay of the City of Detroit due to Kwame’s poor example and leadership. Particularly dismaying was the use of the slang “n” word which was found offensive by the youth of Detroit. See the video interview here: Kwame Shows Us What NOT To Be

His Letter: No Defense for Kwame

Kwame Shows Us What NOT To Be

Editorial: Man Keeps Mansion But Woman Gets Tethered? A Message To Christine Beatty

Found a fabulous article that well articulates the double standard being applied specifically in the Kwame Kilpatrick scandal. Anne Doyle a stategic analyst and consultant has voiced what so many of us have observed throughout the Kilpatrick trial which is: one standard has been applied to the male leader; and a much tougher one to his female subordinate.

The fact remains: Kwame Kilpatrick is culpable, not Beatty, when it comes to the 7 year history of damage done to the city. Beatty is an extremely young woman whom many suspect simply lacked the “wisdom that comes with age” when it comes to dealing with powerful and DANGEROUS egos. This does not excuse her part in the affair, but puts it into a more correct context. Anne encapsulates some of these truths in questioning:

Last Friday, Magistrate Steve Lockhart had Christine Beatty hauled into his courtroom because she had attempted to travel out of state to look for a job, without asking the court’s permission. Lockhart responded by ordering her to wear an electronic tether, denying her the right to leave the state “for any reason” and questioned “who would hire someone facing felony charges.” …. The tether and travel restrictions would have made it nearly impossible for her to find a job to support herself and her children.

Excuse me? Last time I checked, a certain someone who is facing even more extensive felony charges than Beatty was still collecting his public paycheck, living for free in the Manoogian Mansion, being driven around town in a city-owned vehicle by his city-paid security, and going to church in Texas.

Does anyone besides Judge Humphries see anything wrong here?  Christine Beatty is not my candidate for the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame, but I can’t simply seethe silently and not speak up about the double standard.

Right on Anne! And yes, we do see something wrong. We see that Kilpatrick, with a documented history of theft, extortion, lies and corruption is allowed to not only solicit public money to defend himself, but he was the FIRST one to recommend (publically) that “Beatty should resign”… Yet he himself will spare NO expense to maintain his hold on the city throne, despite that the real criminal is —-> HIMSELF! Notice that Christine Beatty doesn’t have a $700 dollar attorney or a defense fund. The article continues:

Beatty resigned her position within a few days of the scandal breaking, realizing immediately that she had lost credibility and could no longer perform her job. Kilpatrick had the gall to say that Beatty “had to go,” and to wish her well while insisting that he must continue to collect his paycheck and all the benefits of his position because he’s “doing the work of God.” Insiders are also suggesting these days that the mayor’s office is suffering without Beatty

I’ve no doubt the city is suffering actually, because Beatty was PRECISELY the sort of woman that got things done. Yet, many (women) could see this coming. Indeed, we wished we knew her more personally to forewarn her that when you are on a playing field of high flyers; you play at YOUR OWN risk. Again, this does not exempt her from accountability, but puts clarity on the real issues which ALL stem from Kwame Kilpatrick well before Beatty arrived on the scene. See more at Anne Doyle’s editorial here.

So here’s a message to Christine Beatty: Christine, straighten up and fly right girl! Kwame could care less about you or anyone. Don’t think his back door smack won’t apply to you; in a court of law, he will be out to save his own ass at ANY price; including that of your own life and children. Call Kym Worthy, tell her Kwame is a big piece of shit and you know it first hand. Make sure you obtain witness protection and get the heck out of Michigan. Your attorney is not going to be able to save you woman, you will need to rise up, admit the wrongs, make it right on your own and learn from it. It is not the end of the world that you caved in to the glittering world of high powered politics; it happens every day. But every day that you don’t come forward is a day that will be added to your sentence if you are found guilty. The prosecution doesn’t want you; they want Kwame. Everyone knows who is truly responsible for the demise of Detroit. The prosecution will be much kinder to you than a jury; so step out and and get yourself off the hook.

Hope she gets the message.

VIDEOS: Kwame Gets Eviction Notice, A NEW Lawsuit, City Council Investigations, and A Possible New Tether

Where to even begin? Today, city council began intensive inquiry of: Mike Stefani (plaintiff attorney on behalf of the police officers Kwame colluded to fire from their jobs with Beatty and and other city employees), Attorney Coleman  and Attorney Sam McCargo (defendant attorney’s on behalf of the Detroit City Council’s LEGAL Department headed by shyster woman Valerie Colbert-Osamuede who told city council to approve the settlement without providing any detail of the secret text message agreements – see: Shyster Woman Exhibits). The interrogations will be continuing over the next several days. Some of us were fortunate enough to observe several hours of the questioning conducted in the city today; we are hoping that the news will archive the filming of these revealing and interesting testimonies. For now, a few videos recapping the purpose of the questioning below.


Then also today, a local action group brought an eviction notice to Kwame’s city offices today to demand he be evicted and resign. See that video here (which particularly reflects the city residents opinion of KK!): . Of course, Kwame put his “boot patrol” on notice at the Manoogian; video of the ongoing waste of public funds here:

Also a NEW lawsuit has been brought against both Kilpatrick and Beatty on behalf of taxpayers seeking compensation for the funds they essentially duped the city out of; approximately 9 million dollars they are asking to be repaid, and rightfully so. Video here: 

AND: Wayne County Prosecutor Offices have filed a motion today seeking more stringency upon Kwame’s whereabouts. The public challenges his ability to traverse around the country seeking financial support from churches in other states; when his agreement with the court outlines his leaving the state as an indicted official are allowable only under the auspice of city business; of which, campaigning for funds is not. Article Here: Limiting Kwame Travel.

Last but not least, an interesting investigation of Kilpatrick’s notorious spending, Live Action Video: Kilpatrick’s Secret Spending (to go along with his super-secret text messages????)


Of course, no one is surprised to learn that through all of this, Kilpatrick’s response was his usual diversion spiel; and campaigning his 300 millions “kwame stimulus” package. He remarked snarkily “no one seems interested in all my big improvements” or to similar effect. Right Kwame, no is interested in you because the public opinion unanimously agrees: he is about 7 years too late on taking right action, and about 8.4 million dollars short already. Video here: Kwame ‘Tude

Exhibits: Kilpatrick’s Chief Counsel Colbert-Osamuede Selling Fashizzle to Judge Robert Columbo

More spiel from Kwame Kilpatrick’s legal council at Detroit city offices. Just yesterday, on April 4th, Chief Corporate Council Assistant, Valerie Colbert-Osamuede, sends this fashizzle letter to Judge Robert Columbo about why “she forgot about” approving payment of over 8 million dollars of taxpayer money to keep Mike Stefani (and the fired DCP ) under wraps. Her letter appears an attempt to retract what could be seen as further perjurious statements from the Kilpatrick administration, now spewed under the unconvicing auspice of “gee, so sorry, I just didn’t remember that 8 million dollars“.

Will Judge Robert Columbo actually buy into this as justification? We hope not. Because guess what? She also attempts to mislead by erroneously citing every date EXCEPT… the most relevant one:

… the court asked questions directly of me on the record at the January 25th, 2008 hearing… I have discovered the brief and my answers did not fully reflect all the circumstances…. My memory of the October 17th, 2007 document was refreshed only when that document was produced as an exhibit….” Letter to Judge Columbo – PDF

Um, you mean this document? The one with your signature on it dated OCTOBER 18, 2007 the very next day? The approval document that, so far, you have still failed to own up to and that City Council claims they never saw the “secret agreement” for per your iteration of “confidential attorney client privilege” in the memo (below)? The document with your RECOMMENDATION that paying 8 million dollars was “in the best interest of the city“, which directs the finance department to cut a check, and that bears the additional signature of co-fashizzler John Johnson?

Yeah her answer STILL doesn’t “fully reflect all the circumstances”. In January 2008 Valierie Colbert-Osameude stated on record to the public and the press she “was unaware of any confidential agreements” when queried on this incident. Upon the rigorous pursuit of documentation by the Free Press however, it was found in fact: she not only participated in it, she negotiated it, signed it and recommended it (as above). Yet in her own letter to Judge Robert Columbo she asserts the document sent to her via e-mail from Mike Stefani on October 31st was inadvertently sent so she was “exempt” from knowledge. Is she kidding??? Read her spiel letter carefully (linked below) and note how she spins the events occurring on these the dates; then compare them to the events presented in the above DATED approval memo:

Colbert-Osamuede's April 4th Letter to Judge Robert Columbo

Right! As you can see, there is still absolutely no mention of the the issue at hand, or the facts remaining which are: she in full knowledge willfully and purposefully participated in WRITING OFF 8 MILLION DOLLARS. There is absolutely no mention of the most relevant date, October 18th 2007 in context of it being the date of legal execution committed by her own hand. No, instead she wants to carry on about her “inbox” and a bunch of other convoluted crap to divert everyone’s attention. Another schemer and a lier? Do the math. The article on this subject recently posted by the Free Press can be found here: City Lawyer Now Recalls Signing the “Secret Deal”.

Kilpatrick’s “Detroit Justice Fund” INVALID – (Boo-Yah)

Just in from the Free Press, a local man from St. Clair registered the name “DETROITJUSTICEFUND” with the State of Michigan; for $20.00. Unbelievably, for the $750 dollar an hour Kwame is paying Webb plus the other millions of dollars it is costing for him to retain the other dozen or so on his defense team, NONE OF THEM REGISTERED THE NAME with the state.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s legal defense fund has suffered its second setback in the week since the mayor announced its creation. … A St. Clair Shores man said he plunked down $20 with the state of Michigan to register the name the “Detroit Justice Fund,” which Kilpatrick had said he would use as the name of the account he would use to collect cash to defray the sizeable legal expenses he is anticipating as he defends himself from 8 felony counts.

I cannot believe it’s not BUTTER! Hello? If you are organizing as a non-profit (which they did) and you are publically SOLICITING money from the public, don’t you know you need to also register your name with the state?

Even funnier, the kind of “donations” Kwame Kilpatrick has been receiving from the public:

Kilpatrick's recent defense fund contributions....

Sherman said he has already received two contributions. The first consisted of a snarky note, a penny and $100,000 in monopoly money. Today, he said, “We got one more letter, enclosing a coupon good for Chuck E. Cheese and suggesting his mother take him there.”

See also: Kilpatrick’s Legal Defense Fund Suffers Second Blow – Free Press April 4th, 2008