As described the About This Blog Page, this blog is open for any public comments, particularly from those who are residents of Michigan. Below are outlined the policies for this blog:

  1. This blog collects no personal information about visitors and participants. It is run on the WordPress platform, servers and engines which control any and all technical data requirements.
  2. Any information posted on this blog is submitted at the volition of the public participants. People who choose to include links to their own website or to related articles are welcome to do so. This blog assumes no responsibility or liability for the content, comments, links, websites, services, or otherwise that may be posted or for the goods, wares, or contents linked via this blog by the public submitting it.
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  5. This blog earns no income, does not accept or collect donations, nor affiliates with third party advertisers. Any advertisement that may appear here is under the express control and ownership of the platform host.
  6. While censorship will be avoided to honor free public expression, the use of extreme vulgarities, racial slurs, or violent hostilities will not be tolerated. Participants and commentators are encouraged to share their thoughts both positive and negative, but basic etiquette is expected. Abusers of this etiquette policy will be banned and reported.
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