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  1. Hello,

    Great site! I noticed you linked to an article from our Blackline site, thanks! If possible, I’d love to interview you for our podcast. We work out of NYC so we can do it on the phone. Let me know if this is possible.

    Lerone Wilson

  2. Lerone I will mail you! We here are so terribly discouraged at this point, I don’t know we can even continue this blog—What’s going on in Detroit and for the whole state is an utter embarassment. I have someone to recommend for your interview. Please pardon the delay in response… it’s a madhouse here. Enough is enough already with Kwame!

  3. On the Kwame Kirkpatrick issue there are two sides.

    Like a figure out of tragic story-I’m thinking of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart- certain character flaws on the part of the hip-hop Mayor manifested themselves in his own downfall .

    But what I find even more tragic is a breathtaking double standard that exists with respect to sex, lies and racial politics. Isn’t true that the Governor of New York used state paid guards to accompany him from NY to Washington on what became a trip to a brothel? What happened to the investigation about the source of the money to pay the prostitute. Clearly Eliot could have been investigated and no doubt indicted. It was expected by many. He was allowed -forced -to resign but that was it. No ankle monitor, No jail time.

    The difference is not only punishment . Kwame was not only jailed he was demonized.

    The problem I have with all this is that i think there is a cultural divide between the blacks in the suburbs and those inthe inner city. The cultural divide is not merely economic, it is social and ti is cultural. What has happened here has less to do with scandal than it does this growing rift between these two Americas. The hip-hop Mayor was alienated from both blacks and whites in the suburbs began way before he was indicted, and is part of the reason he was vulnerable. Kwame was viewed as ghetto, a boor, thug. He stole no money. Not any more than Elliot Spitzer. He hurt noone except himself and his wife. They went after him because they viewed him a disgrace. After pointing out the disparity in treatment between the two politicians some have replied, “But Kwame was stupid.” He may have been but being ghetto, having weak character, being stupid are not offenses.

    If Kwame had been named Wally, had no earring, went to an Ivy league school, and courted the suburban blacks and whites it is inconceivable that his tryst would have been considered criminal. The criminal case is a vehicle for disapproval more of who he is-an embarrassment- than what he has done.

    • KK didnt go to jail for sleeping around or inappropriatly spending city funds,,,he went to jail for lying under oath. Black or White, that will get you 1 way ticket to the pokey

  4. Is it valid for the attorney general, specifically Kelly Carter , Robert Peplinski and Mike Cox to amend / rewrite / alter / fabricate statutory code , or is that the purview of the Michigan Legislature only?

    Seems like tampering with code to create probable cause by the executive branch is outlawed by US Constitution and Mich Const.

    Would that be considered a crime? They probably had over 150 arrests doing exactly that. The CRIS CUSIP account was abundantly enriched via these outlaw actions.

    Would falsely reporting a crime and running it thru the courts, who also have been well apprised of the situation, be considered malicious prosecution, obstruction of justice, abuse of process, slander , libel, securities frauds, kidnapping ( held for cash and/or years and forced into involuntary servitude via FRAUD ) ?

    And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg that is melting rapidly.

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