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3 Responses

  1. I’d like to contribute my 2 cents worth in to his commissary jail account for some slippery soap

  2. Hi Lisa! Well you are being GENEROUS with 2 cents, at last check, people were sending him monopoly money! 🙂 Thanks for visiting too!

  3. a curious fact in the Freep article about Monica Conyers apologizing for sending the letter to Granholm. It says she stated she was in London last week for pension board business. Why in any sense would she have to go all the way to London, England for pension board business? Unless it was London Canada and even that doesn’t make sense. England and Canada have completely different systems. It appears to be another ehibit of the utter arrogance that has plagued this city at the hightest levels. Imagine the costs for this trip when Detroit is bleeding money all over the place.

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