Kilpatrick’s “Detroit Justice Fund” INVALID – (Boo-Yah)

Just in from the Free Press, a local man from St. Clair registered the name “DETROITJUSTICEFUND” with the State of Michigan; for $20.00. Unbelievably, for the $750 dollar an hour Kwame is paying Webb plus the other millions of dollars it is costing for him to retain the other dozen or so on his defense team, NONE OF THEM REGISTERED THE NAME with the state.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s legal defense fund has suffered its second setback in the week since the mayor announced its creation. … A St. Clair Shores man said he plunked down $20 with the state of Michigan to register the name the “Detroit Justice Fund,” which Kilpatrick had said he would use as the name of the account he would use to collect cash to defray the sizeable legal expenses he is anticipating as he defends himself from 8 felony counts.

I cannot believe it’s not BUTTER! Hello? If you are organizing as a non-profit (which they did) and you are publically SOLICITING money from the public, don’t you know you need to also register your name with the state?

Even funnier, the kind of “donations” Kwame Kilpatrick has been receiving from the public:

Kilpatrick's recent defense fund contributions....

Sherman said he has already received two contributions. The first consisted of a snarky note, a penny and $100,000 in monopoly money. Today, he said, “We got one more letter, enclosing a coupon good for Chuck E. Cheese and suggesting his mother take him there.”

See also: Kilpatrick’s Legal Defense Fund Suffers Second Blow – Free Press April 4th, 2008


DetroitJusticeFund – What?!?

Is “Big Daddy” now on GoDaddy??? was registered on March 18, 2008. A week prior to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s announcement of criminal charges. The goal of the fund, that would be more aptly entitled the INJUSTICE fund, appears to be peddling for donations from the public, corporate endorsers, and of course, the ever reliable Michigan taxpayer to foot the bill for Kwame’s $700 dollar an hour non-african american attorney from Chicago. Funny his attorney is not from Detroit, lots of great local attorney’s would love that sort of hourly rate. Another slap in the face for the city Kwame has taken advantage of. Even more suspicious, the domain was registered A WEEK BEFORE Wayne County even announced pursuing Kwame and crew on criminal charges. Public outrage against this hypocrisy appears unanimous.

Update and Video courtesy of Detroit News: 

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