Governor Granholm Still Dances Around Kwame Kilpatrick Scandal

political dancing

Governor Granholm has been seen as “waffly” about taking a stance on the Kwame Kilpatrick scandal. This just in: Kwame wants her job! The funniest article ever, posted a few days ago, “Embattled Mayor Will Run for Governor“.

“I’m young, I’m strong, and I’m sexy,” Mr. Kilpatrick said in a prepared statement following his arraignment on Monday. “I can’t seem to stop my brilliant career from bouncing off the guardrails—this is the most important of the many reasons I would be a great governor.” – Posted on: Smith Is My Real Name (kudos to Smith by the way)

Many would believe (and expect) such audacity by Mayor Kilpatrick, especially considering that Governor Granholm will not take action against him for his many wrongdoings, when she has the power to do so. Letters have been written to Governor Granholm by people from all over the state, calls have been made, not to mention the public voicing their opinions on the web everywhere.

General comments made by the public reveal the overwhelming feeling that Governor Granholm is not doing her job (see public remarks here also). It has been suggested (and perhaps accurately so) that staking her “ethical” highground NO WHERE on this issue indicative of her own political agendas, which could be undermined should she cast her vote in the wrong direction. Everyone knows the State of Michigan would be best served if higher governing officials (like Governor Granholm?) stepped in to stop the Kwameunism. But then, heaven forbid a politician sacrifice popularity (perceived or imagined).

Bill Ballenger, publisher of the Inside Michigan Politics newsletter, speculated that Granholm would not attempt to oust Kilpatrick because it would damage her politically in Detroit, where she’d be viewed as an interloper. – Mayor’s Foes Seeking Help From Granholm

Today, a letter from her offices was posted sharing her official response to the matter of the increasing public outrage that Kwame has inspired:

Dear Constituent, Thank you for sharing your concerns about the ongoing controversy surrounding Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some comments the Governor has made on this important issue

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has conducted an investigation into this matter which has resulted in the filing of criminal charges against Mayor Kilpatrick. As the former Michigan Attorney General and a former federal prosecutor I believe it is critical that the legal process be allowed to work. Therefore, I will not interfere, by comment or action, in this criminal proceeding. Also, because the law establishes a potential role for me in this matter, I cannot and will not comment in any way that might compromise the criminal justice process.”

Again, thank you for contacting our office about this issue. Kelly Lloyd – Constituent Services Division – Office of Governor Jennifer M. Granholm

Yet, her action of “NON-ACTION” in reality serves to challenge public confidence in her leadership. From the people’s perspective: “ignoring it is enabling it“. People don’t seem satisfied with the “neutral” response as indicated in the above letter from her offices, and are wondering if anyone “up there” is paying attention.

For reference, there is a new petition being circulated on the recall Kwame site: Anyone even those outside of Detroit or Michigan can sign this petition. Additional contact to local and state leaders can be made via the below:

City Offices: City Of Detroit – Submit Your Complaint

Wayne County: Wayne County, Michigan – Contact

Governor Jennifer Granholm: Share YOUR Opinion


A Playor’s Defense Fund?

There are no words to describe how amazingly insidious this truly is. Kwame fanagles for himself a defense fund, as a NON profit organization? What?????

And in the same article, lengthy commentators remarked on the presumed support of Judge Mathis (famous TV celebrity) and outcried against it. I did too! Because he could not possibly be a real judge if he can attempt to overlook the overwhelming evidence of Kwame’s corrupt reigning in Detroit. But this just in: Mathis announces his NON support; encouraging Kilpatrick to resign.

Hooray! At least in some instances, playing the political game can be used to help the situation. Since we all know anyone on TV for any reason had better keep their ratings. But to give Mathis the benefit of the doubt; I’ll just say thanks for retracting whatever support was set forth (which appeared “official” as it was issued by Kilpatricks’ “defense fund” team).

Is There Hope for Detroit?

Many thanks to Judge Columbo for being willing to do what a judge should be doing— which is: uphold the law and stand for the best interest of the citizens of this state. It is a misnomer to believe the impact of Kilpatrick’s behaviors and exploits are contained to the City of Detroit alone. In fact, this anti-leadership of Kilpatrick’s has negative impact upon the entire State of Michigan. Even on a purely human level, Kilpatrick’s behavior inspires disgust and outrage; his utter disregard of public welfare is historically seen, and has been allowed to continue.In no way can anyone convince the majority of MI residents (if not all of them at this point) that Kilpatrick is even remotely qualified to continue to hold public office. But perhaps there is hope for Michigan yet if other public officials, judges, governing agencies etc., stop selling out to political manipulations and do the job for which they are paid through taxpayer dollars. And that job is unquestionably: to serve the best interests of the common good – NOT the common criminal.