Governor Granholm Still Dances Around Kwame Kilpatrick Scandal

political dancing

Governor Granholm has been seen as “waffly” about taking a stance on the Kwame Kilpatrick scandal. This just in: Kwame wants her job! The funniest article ever, posted a few days ago, “Embattled Mayor Will Run for Governor“.

“I’m young, I’m strong, and I’m sexy,” Mr. Kilpatrick said in a prepared statement following his arraignment on Monday. “I can’t seem to stop my brilliant career from bouncing off the guardrails—this is the most important of the many reasons I would be a great governor.” – Posted on: Smith Is My Real Name (kudos to Smith by the way)

Many would believe (and expect) such audacity by Mayor Kilpatrick, especially considering that Governor Granholm will not take action against him for his many wrongdoings, when she has the power to do so. Letters have been written to Governor Granholm by people from all over the state, calls have been made, not to mention the public voicing their opinions on the web everywhere.

General comments made by the public reveal the overwhelming feeling that Governor Granholm is not doing her job (see public remarks here also). It has been suggested (and perhaps accurately so) that staking her “ethical” highground NO WHERE on this issue indicative of her own political agendas, which could be undermined should she cast her vote in the wrong direction. Everyone knows the State of Michigan would be best served if higher governing officials (like Governor Granholm?) stepped in to stop the Kwameunism. But then, heaven forbid a politician sacrifice popularity (perceived or imagined).

Bill Ballenger, publisher of the Inside Michigan Politics newsletter, speculated that Granholm would not attempt to oust Kilpatrick because it would damage her politically in Detroit, where she’d be viewed as an interloper. – Mayor’s Foes Seeking Help From Granholm

Today, a letter from her offices was posted sharing her official response to the matter of the increasing public outrage that Kwame has inspired:

Dear Constituent, Thank you for sharing your concerns about the ongoing controversy surrounding Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some comments the Governor has made on this important issue

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has conducted an investigation into this matter which has resulted in the filing of criminal charges against Mayor Kilpatrick. As the former Michigan Attorney General and a former federal prosecutor I believe it is critical that the legal process be allowed to work. Therefore, I will not interfere, by comment or action, in this criminal proceeding. Also, because the law establishes a potential role for me in this matter, I cannot and will not comment in any way that might compromise the criminal justice process.”

Again, thank you for contacting our office about this issue. Kelly Lloyd – Constituent Services Division – Office of Governor Jennifer M. Granholm

Yet, her action of “NON-ACTION” in reality serves to challenge public confidence in her leadership. From the people’s perspective: “ignoring it is enabling it“. People don’t seem satisfied with the “neutral” response as indicated in the above letter from her offices, and are wondering if anyone “up there” is paying attention.

For reference, there is a new petition being circulated on the recall Kwame site: Anyone even those outside of Detroit or Michigan can sign this petition. Additional contact to local and state leaders can be made via the below:

City Offices: City Of Detroit – Submit Your Complaint

Wayne County: Wayne County, Michigan – Contact

Governor Jennifer Granholm: Share YOUR Opinion


Residence Inn: The Ho’s Hotel? And Kwame’s Bullying

What is it with the Residence Inn? Yet another philanderer escaping from the Residence Inn HO-tel; Thomas Athans, the husband of Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, and co-founder of the TalkUSA radio network. (More at CNN )

Athans was pulled over by police on I-75 minutes after leaving the Residence Inn on Livernois, just east of I-75 and south of Big Beaver, the evening of Feb. 26. He was driving a Cadillac DeVille registered jointly to him and Stabenow at their address in Lansing.He was ticketed for driving on a suspended license. When questioned during the stop, he acknowledged he had been at the hotel with a woman he met on the Internet. On further questioning, he acknowledged he had paid the woman $150 for sex. Free Press 

And by now everyone knows Kwame’s preference for the Residence Inn:

Beatty: OK, I’m feeling like I want another night like the most recent Saturday at the Residence Inn! You made me feel so damn good that night. … Kilpatrick: I feel that we can do that in WV (West Virginia)+ just relax together. I need you soooo bad. I want to wake up in the morning and you are there. Make it happen.

 But why should we be surprised at the continued unraveling of Michigan government? After all, just today one of Kwame Kilpatrick’s appointed Detroit SCHOOL BOARD Members is charged with child abuse and his children removed from the family home. Did we forget to mention his name is “REVEREND“??? (Detroit News Headline – April, 2 2008) But that sort of thing probably doesn’t concern Kwame Kilpatrick. After all  his fashizzle in the City of Detroit, he was sure to “make it happen” that:  NONE of HIS OWN kids go to Detroit schools. No, they go to fancy private schools instead and socialize with the type of people Kwame’s less than 100 friend and family supporters are flaming. The taxpayers that Kwame steals from. Kwame’s double standard and divisiveness is utterly reprehensible.

Like: the recent ploy of having his lackey’s issue a memo to all the EMPLOYEES of the city bullying Detroiter’s not to “talk bad ’bout Kwame“. Then after the fact, his office denies anything to do with it. Except everyone knew it was a bunch of smack because curiously enough, the memo directed anyone with information about “anti-kwame” speak to CALL KWAME’S OFFICE and report it. Yeah ok. In case anyone is interested in signing up, Kwame even gave his latest media effort a name. It’s called: The Kilpatrick Media Watch Campaign.

“The kicker is that while they are using their own e-mail addresses, the telephone number they issued rings in the mayor’s office….”

Did we forget to mention the “Kilpatrick Media Watch Campaign” was spearheaded by Kwame’s cousin (one of about 20 employed by the city)???

Newsflash folks, the reality: Here’s what Detroiters and Michigan Resident’s Have To Say About Defending Kwame …..

And as a sidenote, Kwame is still pushing for his “300 million” dollar casino based economic stimulus “fund” (oops, we meant to say plan). Except the City Council of Detroit is not interested, nor listening to him, because they have all voted that he should step down and resign. Along with the City of Detroit’s largest employee’s union that have just about unanimously called for Kwame’s resignation.