A Playor’s Defense Fund?

There are no words to describe how amazingly insidious this truly is. Kwame fanagles for himself a defense fund, as a NON profit organization? What?????

And in the same article, lengthy commentators remarked on the presumed support of Judge Mathis (famous TV celebrity) and outcried against it. I did too! Because he could not possibly be a real judge if he can attempt to overlook the overwhelming evidence of Kwame’s corrupt reigning in Detroit. But this just in: Mathis announces his NON support; encouraging Kilpatrick to resign.

Hooray! At least in some instances, playing the political game can be used to help the situation. Since we all know anyone on TV for any reason had better keep their ratings. But to give Mathis the benefit of the doubt; I’ll just say thanks for retracting whatever support was set forth (which appeared “official” as it was issued by Kilpatricks’ “defense fund” team).


An Unpopular Advocate

What a bunch of bunk. Ray Page’s meanderings opposing Kym Worthy for DOING HER JOB. Hello? We have a history of egregious behavior and notorious expenditures by Kilpatrick, a purported “leader” of the City of Detroit; a public official. We have a history of at least 7 years! Now because Page has already gone public with his backing of Portia Robinson for Wayne County prosecutor, he feels compelled to sell the world on an unfactual and very biased “pshaw” of Kym Worthy’s admirable efforts.

Note to self: Don’t vote Portia. Newsflash to Page: I don’t know anyone in Wayne county that would support your view and unmeritorious haranguing of Kym Worthy, the one person the city (perhaps the whole state) has that is at least ATTEMPTING to question the outrageous behaviors of Kilpatrick. We all know Mike Cox didn’t rise to the occasion either. Extremely disappointing.

And as to Huxley’s equally ridiculous “argument” under the auspice of “fair and balanced press”. Here’s another newsflash: it’s called FREE press. This means, anyone in the world, resident of MI or not, has the right to voice their opinion. It is of particular interest that you, the mouthpiece of Strategic Staffing Solutions has vested interest in keeping Kwame around; after all, who want’s to see their contracts cancelled should he be forced to resign right? Huxley would have been wise not to comment at all. Anyone can discover this company has every interest in keeping things status quo. Huxley is challenged to present real numbers, measurable improvements made for the City of Detroit that are NOT already overshadowed by Kwame’s past payouts, personal crisis, extravagant personal ventures etc. And no, considering his own balance sheet as a contractor for the city doesn’t qualify as a reflection of “city improvement” under the pseudo-leadership of Kilpatrick. Sorry. No one is buying it. At least not the hundred or so folks who commented within about 4 hours of the articles posting on Freep.

It’s Scammer Time

It’s Scammer TimeThankfully the city council is not allowing any further “BS” to impede investigation. Nor allowing defense assertions of hiding Kwame’s salami exploits behind the 1986 “communications act”  to impede the cause of the public. It is clear from around the country that everyone, absolutely everyone wants to put an end to “MC SCAMMER & Friends”.

Even a layperson knows the purported “defense” of hiding behind the communications act a flimsy facade, and no defense. Just a desperate attempt on behalf of Kilpatrick’s (well paid) relations who fear further exposure as to just how insidious Kilpatrick’s reign has actually been. The 1986 act was NEVER instituted as means for legal recourse to privileged, elected officials, to legalize exploitation of the public; nor intending amnesty for criminal behavors or provisions for “anonymity” of public officials. Pullease.

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Don’t Read 8.4M Settlement?

Utterly inexcusable. So no one reads a settlement of 8.4 million payout of PUBLIC money? A settlement with the express intent of protecting Kilpatrick and covering up his already questionable record? Wtf.

In an interview (John Johnson Jr.) told the paper that at the time he approved only the payout amount and did not read the terms of the settlement, which described a plan to cover up text messages between Kilpatrick and Beatty that detailed their trysts and Brown’s removal….The newspaper later obtained a Law Department memo saying Johnson approved recommending to City Council members that they OK the $8.4-million deal. Contempt looms… 

Should we be surprised that Johnson is Kwame Kilpatrick’s cousin?

Is There Hope for Detroit?

Many thanks to Judge Columbo for being willing to do what a judge should be doing— which is: uphold the law and stand for the best interest of the citizens of this state. It is a misnomer to believe the impact of Kilpatrick’s behaviors and exploits are contained to the City of Detroit alone. In fact, this anti-leadership of Kilpatrick’s has negative impact upon the entire State of Michigan. Even on a purely human level, Kilpatrick’s behavior inspires disgust and outrage; his utter disregard of public welfare is historically seen, and has been allowed to continue.In no way can anyone convince the majority of MI residents (if not all of them at this point) that Kilpatrick is even remotely qualified to continue to hold public office. But perhaps there is hope for Michigan yet if other public officials, judges, governing agencies etc., stop selling out to political manipulations and do the job for which they are paid through taxpayer dollars. And that job is unquestionably: to serve the best interests of the common good – NOT the common criminal.