A Playor’s Defense Fund?

There are no words to describe how amazingly insidious this truly is. Kwame fanagles for himself a defense fund, as a NON profit organization? What?????

And in the same article, lengthy commentators remarked on the presumed support of Judge Mathis (famous TV celebrity) and outcried against it. I did too! Because he could not possibly be a real judge if he can attempt to overlook the overwhelming evidence of Kwame’s corrupt reigning in Detroit. But this just in: Mathis announces his NON support; encouraging Kilpatrick to resign.

Hooray! At least in some instances, playing the political game can be used to help the situation. Since we all know anyone on TV for any reason had better keep their ratings. But to give Mathis the benefit of the doubt; I’ll just say thanks for retracting whatever support was set forth (which appeared “official” as it was issued by Kilpatricks’ “defense fund” team).