An Unpopular Advocate

What a bunch of bunk. Ray Page’s meanderings opposing Kym Worthy for DOING HER JOB. Hello? We have a history of egregious behavior and notorious expenditures by Kilpatrick, a purported “leader” of the City of Detroit; a public official. We have a history of at least 7 years! Now because Page has already gone public with his backing of Portia Robinson for Wayne County prosecutor, he feels compelled to sell the world on an unfactual and very biased “pshaw” of Kym Worthy’s admirable efforts.

Note to self: Don’t vote Portia. Newsflash to Page: I don’t know anyone in Wayne county that would support your view and unmeritorious haranguing of Kym Worthy, the one person the city (perhaps the whole state) has that is at least ATTEMPTING to question the outrageous behaviors of Kilpatrick. We all know Mike Cox didn’t rise to the occasion either. Extremely disappointing.

And as to Huxley’s equally ridiculous “argument” under the auspice of “fair and balanced press”. Here’s another newsflash: it’s called FREE press. This means, anyone in the world, resident of MI or not, has the right to voice their opinion. It is of particular interest that you, the mouthpiece of Strategic Staffing Solutions has vested interest in keeping Kwame around; after all, who want’s to see their contracts cancelled should he be forced to resign right? Huxley would have been wise not to comment at all. Anyone can discover this company has every interest in keeping things status quo. Huxley is challenged to present real numbers, measurable improvements made for the City of Detroit that are NOT already overshadowed by Kwame’s past payouts, personal crisis, extravagant personal ventures etc. And no, considering his own balance sheet as a contractor for the city doesn’t qualify as a reflection of “city improvement” under the pseudo-leadership of Kilpatrick. Sorry. No one is buying it. At least not the hundred or so folks who commented within about 4 hours of the articles posting on Freep.