TODAY Monica Conyers CAT-FIGHT At Detroit City Council Hearing WITH VIDEO Pls SPEAK OUT

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Unbelievable, Monica Conyers CONTINUES her absurdness in full public view as per her typical style. What an embarrassment. Despite outrcries by local attendees at the Detroit City Council hearings today she openly insulted President Kenneth Cockrel and ALL her colleagues of other WOMEN by the way, exclaiming for the world to see:

“You’re not my Daddy. You’re not going to disrespect me. Grow up! Control your house and learn how to treat women.” — Monica Conyers – (Incompetent “Pro-Tem” City Council Detroit – April 11, 2008 — ) See also: Council Hearings Erupt – Detroit News

This behavior, coupled with her PUBLIC ENDORSEMENT of Mayor Kilpatrick’s egregious mismanagement of public money, and her utter lack of ethics is further demonstrated by having her photo plastered on the outrageous Kilpatrick “Justice Defense Fund” which solicits money from the public to defend the Mayor from a very RIGHTEOUS investigation. And this is supposed to be evidence to the people that Monica Conyer’s is capable of UNBIASED SUPPORT for the people of the city???? Obviously NOT.

Monica Conyers LACKS Ethic

Conyers has the gall to attack Cockrel and others, yet she endorses Kwame’s NUMEROUS philanderings by aligning with his defense. What about all the women EXPLOITED by Kwame? This seems to be A-OK with Monica Conyers now advocating herself under the auspice of “feminism” PULLEASE! Speak OUT against the continuing outrage. A letter was recently sent in that was addressed to the City Council as well as all the contacts below articulating clearly that such a disreputable and public demonstration by many, such as Conyers, and others appointed by the Mayor to office (consisting almost entirely of family and friends) is a significant abuse of authority  that makes a mockery of any purportedly democratic government. Not to mention, the city is now funding Kilpatrick’s “Media Watch” campaign which has absolutely NOTHING to do with benefitting the people but again serves guess who? KWAME KILPATRICK. The public is urged to continue CONTACTING local and state authorities that the situation is escalating to the continued detriment and COST of the city, the people, the State of Michigan and EVERYONE. It is intolerable. Hundreds have contacted federal agencies already and at this point, yes they SHOULD be stepping in.


Just a few random comments of literally THOUSANDS:

Respect is earned, and Ms. Conyers, you have done nothing in your life to have that. My fellow Detroit citizens, it is time we get some pride and recall these children of City Council. Degenerates like Ms. Conyers and Ms. Rose-Collins must not be allowed to continue in their capacity. They have let us down and put this city to shame. Please contact them, call them, write them, to voice your displeasure. Where the $*%&# are the Fed’s? They, or Governor Granholm, should be stepping in at this time, this is getting ridiculous!”

It’s clear Ms. Conyers is the Chief Appologist for the Mayor on City Council. I also found it curious that she didn’t want all City employees’ text messages released becasue there “might be something in there you don’t want public“.

Let’s let Monica Conyers know how disgusted we are with her tantrums. Monica Conyers: (313) 224-4530 (office) // (313) 224- 2011 (fax)

This does not surprise me at all. I have watched Ms. Conyers for a while and concluded before today that she is inept and completely wrong to be on the council. If they have the same rules as other similar bodies they should be able to exclude her from the questioning process. This behavior is completely out of line and rude. The council does not need to put up with this.”

“To the Governor: … can you please stop “waiting for the legal system to work” – the few citizens of Detroit left and the rest of southeastern Michigan don’t have that kind of time. Businesses and people are fleeing daily – well, those at least that aren’t on KK’s payroll or being handed big tax breaks and city contracts. It’s still early in the day and we have had Tolliver doing damage control in Florida, KK sitting in court and the city council having to adjourn because of temper tantrums. This is ridiculous and needs to come to a stop now.

learn how to treat women, Monica? You mean the way you treat them? Roughing them up in bars when they look at you the wrong way? Is that what you mean, princess?”

Monica Conyers Bar Fight—- Monica Conyers should not be blackening the eyes of party goers….. Blackmailing behind the scenes,“, said Clinton, “is much more effective“. Harry Reid commented that “there’s a dark cloud hanging over Monica Conyers” who “lied to get into the altercation and now she’s lying to mislead the rest of us about how it started and the conditions on the ground“. Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle said that Conyers should be indicted on charges of torture, noting that the event “prevented Mews from getting a second helping of birthday cake and another scoop of Haagen Daz“. Further, Howard Dean has remarked that “there’s no way that Conyers could win such a fight“, and Jack Murtha said “she has to run away if she wants to win; it’s her presence at the parties which makes her a target“. He further noted that Monica Conyers is “utterly broken“, and that he hopes “that this will be a lesson to her about attending any parties in the future”…. Excerpted from Seattle News on Veiled Chameleon

UPDATE: This article continues on the next post with updated video’s and related information – SEE: Tragedy of America


VIDEO (TODAY): Kwame Kilpatrick Tries to Hustle A Bishop While His Goons Manhandle People at Detroit Airport

Kwame Kilpatrick arrives today April 7th 2008 in Detroit airport returning from his “super secret” trip to Texas of which his purpose was to solicit (MO’ MONEY) from Bishop T.D. Jakes of the Potter’s House of Dallas, a pastor with a well to do congregation of near 30,000 members. He did not receive the “support” he was looking for, so he snuck his sorry butt on back to Detroit and denied any agenda (read: he wanted money but instead got the boot ). Unfortunately for him, by the time of his arrival Detroit, the Potter’s House had already issued a formal statement to news broadcasts and newspapers, disproving Kwame’s claim of just an innocent personal trip. The church officially acknowledged Kwame’s attempt at seeking interview with Bishop Jakes, and the Bishop’s stand on the issue as follows:

“The Potter’s House of Dallas, nor it’s senior pastor Bishop T. D. Jakes has no current or future plans of becoming involved in the legal or business affairs existing between the city of Detroit, and it’s mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick.”

Kwame Goons Beat On People

Is it clear enough? GO AWAY KWAME! But no, it gets even better. While at the Detroit airport, his “goon squad” starts manhandling the general public, including news media that are routinely GOING TO be at an airport when public officials of any kind are traveling to and fro (newsflash to Kwame: you are not the ONLY public official in the world that flys in and out of Detroit airport….). A very sharp, and courageous passenger at the airport who was one of many witnesses spoke out against their behavior and was filmed on WXYZ news. (You will see her on the video – she is AWESOME; says it straight and strong!) Here’s what some of the news workers experienced by Kwame and his nincompoops at the airport today (and video below):

Kilpatrick’s executive protection unit officers then proceeded to manhandle Action News photographer Johnny Sartin.. Our producer… and me. Sgt. Darren Johnson tussled with our photographer for several minutes… even though we were just trying to ask questions of a public official in a public building. Their assaults brought cries of outrage from several bystanders in the airport, including from one woman who wasn’t afraid to take on the mayor’s bodyguards. 

Please take a moment to send this video clip, your comment and / or request that Kwame Kilpatrick be removed from office; and his security team suspended. This is disgraceful. See below:

VIDEO: Public Outrage At Detroit Airport – Kwame Kilpatrick’s Goons

Governor Granholm’s Office: Web Form Contact


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