A Hypocritical Oath

“We’ve never had a situation before where you can say anything, do anything…This unethical, illegal, lynch mob mentality has to stop.” Quoting Kwame’s State of the City speech with the “N” word. Wow. He wants to rally empathy for himself using his wife and children; yet another demonstration of his hypocritical nature. I wonder if, when he was sexing it up with Beatty, he was thinking about his wife? I wonder if, when he withheld communications about removing police officers from jobs he was pondering upon ethics? Or if, when he blocked investigations surrounding the death of Tamara Greene, and summarily concealed the real intent of payments excess 8.4 million of public money to protect himself from discovery, he was pondering on illegalities? Laughable! If there is pity to be had, Kwame should pity himself and not look anywhere other than into a mirror if he really wants to know who exactly is responsible for those doings.