Is There Hope for Detroit?

Many thanks to Judge Columbo for being willing to do what a judge should be doing— which is: uphold the law and stand for the best interest of the citizens of this state. It is a misnomer to believe the impact of Kilpatrick’s behaviors and exploits are contained to the City of Detroit alone. In fact, this anti-leadership of Kilpatrick’s has negative impact upon the entire State of Michigan. Even on a purely human level, Kilpatrick’s behavior inspires disgust and outrage; his utter disregard of public welfare is historically seen, and has been allowed to continue.In no way can anyone convince the majority of MI residents (if not all of them at this point) that Kilpatrick is even remotely qualified to continue to hold public office. But perhaps there is hope for Michigan yet if other public officials, judges, governing agencies etc., stop selling out to political manipulations and do the job for which they are paid through taxpayer dollars. And that job is unquestionably: to serve the best interests of the common good – NOT the common criminal.