Right. January 2008 Ashvegas

Yes and after publicly denying numerous times his involvements with (correction: abuse and exploitation of) women, after justifying himself with bullcrap excuses such as: text messages (ie: sex with chief of staff) was from like 5 years ago during a difficult time…and other such nonsense, the questions remain. Ok then, so what about the use of public money to pay for your known extravagant travels right up through to this month when Wayne County announced prosecution proceedings? More lies video here.

Like the scandalous fashizzle just 60 days ago, in AshVegas, North Carolina? Kwame was invited to a PRAYER MEETING sponsored by the Martin Luther King Junior Association as a keynote speaker. But what does Kwame do? He fanagles expensive rooms and sensual massage services (massage alone cost excess $500) for yet another unidentified woman that is not his wife. Per the AshVegas luxury resort where Kilpatrick and “woman” stayed:

“The deluxe couples room is sprinkled with rose petals, then you and your significant other will receive a tandem candlelit Grove Park Inn Spa Massage, followed by an aromatic whirlpool bath. Sip chilled champagne while feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries.”

Inquiring minds want to know: Why has NO ONE has audited Kwame’s administration? Is it because he has “peeps” (and cousin) Patricia People’s shredding documents, credit card statements etc. to further obstruct justice? Why can’t AMEX, MC, VISA be subpoenaed then?

This is just one of many reprehensible acts Mayor Kilpatrick has perpetuated; adding up to more Detroit (and Michigan) time and dollars. Is this what we want our leader’s doing? And do MI residents want to continue paying for the “privilege”?

AshVegas, NC Luxury Resort // Carmen Slowsky & Kwame