We (Heart) Judge Columbo

Sadly, more conventions are CANCELLING in Detroit (this is the part we can thank Kwame for); new cancellations recently announced this week for Detroit in addition to the Mayor’s Convention which was cancelled in Detroit and re-routed to New Orleans last month.

Today, a Chicago events planner commented on Freep that they in turn announced their cancellation of Detroit events just this morning (March 28th) and are appalled at the way the city has been allowed to run. They are moving their convention to Ohio.

Despite this, there may be hope for Michigan yet. DetNews has just published that Wayne Circuit rulings announce that Kilpatrick nor others under investigation will be allowed to impede FOIA suit to investigate communications of public officials whom are in fact paid on public time and dime. The city council is quoted as remarking that “their position is the city of Detroit is the owners and subscribers of this information…

Thank you City Council, and other branches of Michigan government for taking notice. It inspires hope that governing officials are perhaps now more willing to seriously consider the thousands of voices of outrage expressed about Kilpatrick’s mis-management these past many years. Of humorous note, when objection to the releasing of the messages was proposed under the communications act, the logical question arises: If first the defendants assert (indeed testified) these kinds of communications never existed (sex scandals, firing of Mr. Brown etc.), or assert they the defendants charged were not the author of these messages (in reference to the pathetic strategy of “proving” whose finger hit the sent button), how then can their possibly be any objection by the defense?????

Right on JUDGE COLUMBO, Wayne County, Kym Worthy and hopefully the many others that will step forward with some basic common sense.

Update: Friday 8pm. LOGIC PREVAILS!

“…. how can you deny existence of documents to district court, then appear in circuit to defend why they should not be produced..Logic??? Exactly! Thank you Wayne Circuit, MI Supreme Court, and Detroit City Council! Yes, for 9 milllion dollars and countin, the public DOES have a freaking right to know.

And Johnson’s previous claim that documents are unadmissable, is SHUT DOWN. Per state attorneys, um… no, that doesn’t apply to public money in a back door deal; it doesn’t apply to a public official acting on behalf of the city of Detroit who frauded the taxpayers out of 9 million dollars. Side note: Attorney General Cox has also called for Kwame’s resignation according to local news.

Update – Friday Morning Video: Court Demands Missing Documents

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