Kilpatrick: Everyone’s Favorite “BOO”, Yall’s Boy Mom Ousted, Lawyer Quits – And Conyers Gets Etiquette Lessons From 8th Graders (Video)

Recapping the latest events surrounding Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick here in June 2008 for your amusement. Where to even begin? Kwame’s lead attorney Sam McCargo quits. And reason being: he feels ethically challenged now that he is aware of the scandalous behaviors of the mayor. Wow! A miracle! After being paid thousands of dollars, and after arguing that Kwame’s text messages paid for by public funds were somehow exempt… he now MAGICALLY feels pulled by the call of his own conscience. Yah big surprise. We here are really empathic. (No actually we are not, just being facetious…) Lawyer Down-Lo Here.

The Kwame quote of the year (Detroit News). “When you really think about it, from 1776 to 2008, men, women of all ages, colors and creeds died in this country for Kwame Kilpatrick and you to have the right to a fair trial. So it’s not about the politics as much as it is about the American jurisprudence system that we can’t allow to be bastardized.” 

Nice. And why does that last word seem to fitting yet so out of context coming from Kwame???? Video below:

Kwame And Monica

We also learned this month that Kwame is everyone’s favorite “BOO”…  literally that is. Video: Kwame Get’s “Boo’ed” on the news here, and another below:

But everyone’s favorite video this month is: MONICA CONYERS GETS ETIQUETTE LESSONS FROM 12 YEAR OLD (Daily Kos Article) Everyone jumped up and applauded on this one. And the funniest part- it’s completely true! In a recent interview Conyers decides to debate children in what appears an attempt to justify her historically bad behaviors. But they weren’t buying it! Check it out below:

Of course it’s really no big surprise the trial is further delayed thanks to the improprietous relations District Judge Giles has with Kilpatrick. That coupled with Sharon McFail’s ongoing efforts to kabash the trial regardless. She now likens Kwame’s interrogation to  the 1950’s Red Scare Prosecution scandal. How abysmal! Not really worth linking to since no one listens to Sharon but here ya go…..

And lastly, a “report card” of current city authorities by Free Press writer Brian Dickerson “Grading Detroit…” There is more drama going on in Detroit City than on all the soap opera’s on prime time television.



6 Responses

  1. Charlie LeDuff…loved your video of Monica Conyers arguing with the kid. The kids had more sense than she did.
    Why am I not surprised.

  2. There are two sides.

    Like a figure out of tragic story-I’m thinking of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart- certain character flaws on the part of Kilpatrick have manifested themselves in Kwame’s downfall .

    But what I find even more tragic is a breathtaking double standard that exists with respect to sex, lies and racial politics. Isn’t true that the Governor of New York used state paid guards to accompany him from NY to Washington on what became a trip to a brothel? What happened to the investigation about the source of the money to pay the prostitute. Clearly Eliot could have been investigated and no doubt indicted. It was expected by many. He was allowed -forced -to resign but that was it. No ankle monitor, No jail time.

    The difference is not only punishment . Kwame was not only jailed he was demonized.

    The problem I have with all this is that i think there is a cultural divide between the blacks in the suburbs and those inthe inner city. The cultural divide is not merely economic, it is social and ti is cultural. What has happened here has less to do with scandal than it does this growing rift between these two Americas. Kwame – the hip-hop mayor- was alienated from both blacks and whites in the suburbs began way before he was indicted, and is part of the reason he was vulnerable. Kwame was viewed as ghetto, a boor, thug. He stole no money. Not any more than Elliot Spitzer. He hurt noone except himself and his wife. They went after him because they viewed him a disgrace. After pointing out the disparity in treatment between the two politicians some have replied, “But Kwame was stupid.” He may have been but being ghetto, having weak character, being stupid are not offenses.

    If Kwame had been named Wally, had no earring, went to an Ivy league school, and courted the suburban blacks and whites it is inconceivable that his tryst would have been considered criminal. The criminal case is a vehicle for disapproval more of who he is-an embarrassment- than what he has done.

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  5. Come Back! Come Back! Please come back!!!

    Please bring this site back… don’t leave like everyone else in Michigan is doing! Have faith in our state! I just discovered this blog tonight. I’m from GR but I love reading your take on things and I really hope you aren’t gone for good… please, please keep posting!

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