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Freep recently posted an article on perjury (definitions) sharing views from expert attorneys regarding Kwame’s defense. The article was also mentioned on C-Span Washington Journal. The article quotes testimony given by both Kilpatric and Beatty regarding their affair. Both were asked specifically if they had sex with one another, and additionally if they had romantic, unprofessional relationships. Both testified “NO”. Kwame surrounded his response with a convoluted litany about how even asking the question was offensive (paraphrased) “…absurd to assert that all professional women must be prostitutes…my mother is a congresswoman…” spiel. Right, doth protest too much.

Experts called upon included Larry Dubin from U-Mercy, and Peter Henning from Wayne State. Both implied there is some ambiguity in the responses which could allow doubt of his guilt. Yet both also called out Beatty’s testimony stating because she was more emphatic in her response, it could be problematic. Another expert Stuart Green from Louisana State seemed to also agree.

My question: How would it be possible the court could find Beatty guilty of lying about sexual relations with Kwame, thereby asserting her guilty of the act itself, but then turn around, and exempt Kwame of guilt, when he was participant in the act? Logic??? That makes absolutely NO sense. Hypothetically, even IF the Mayor was found not to have “perjured” himself via some contrived “technicality” (found not guilty), any fact of Beatty’s guilt would negate it by confirming otherwise. Further, she could also then stand as a new witness to the act itself. In short, no matter how they slice it, they both lied. Someone on this article commented that they felt Dan Webb ($750 dollar an hour lawyer Kwame availed from Chicago) was creative enough to navigate the verbiage loopholes to get Kwame exonerated. But I disagree. I don’t think Webb is all that creative, I think he is doing what a dude getting $750 dollars an hour should be doing: racking up his hourly bill, because the bill is essentially the point in trialing a high profile case with little chance of passing muster. Even if Webb should get Kilpatrick exonerated of perjury by some miracle, it won’t be a lasting victory. There’s more to come.

Even still, how can any sane person look at the text messages,  communications, exchanges and relevant incidents, and come to the conclusion that either of them (Beatty or Kilpatrick) were telling the truth in their testimonies of denial? For example:

Trial Testimony: August 29, 2007 Beatty Questioned by Stefani:

Stefani:During the time period 2001 to 2003, were you and Mayor Kilpatrick either romantically or intimately involved with each other?
Beatty: No. …
Stefani: And did you ever use the text message system to communicate messages of a personal nature to the mayor?
Beatty: No.
Stefani: Did you ever receive messages from the mayor of a personal nature?
Beatty: No.
Stefani: And by personal I mean messages which were not strictly pertaining to city government matters?
Beatty: No.
Stefani: Did you use the message device to arrange social meetings between you and the mayor?
Beatty: No.
Stefani: Did you ever send the mayor or receive from the mayor a text message which was of an intimate or sexual nature?
Beatty: No. …

Communications From City Issued Devices During This Time Period

October 11, 2002 – Beatty to Kilpatrick: …What did you think about me or otherwise after the first time we had sex?
October 7, 2002 – Beatty: OK, I’m feeling like I want another night like the most recent Saturday at the Residence Inn! You made me feel so damn good that night. As you can see I can’t let it go!
Kilpatrick: I feel that we can do that in WV (West Virginia)+ just relax together. I need you soooo bad. I want to wake up in the morning and you are there. Make it happen. Love ya.
October 16, 2002 – Kilpatrick: I’ve been dreaming all day about having you all to myself for 3 days … relaxing, laughing, talking, sleeping and making love.

How can the above be seen in any way as ambiguous???? This sort of dialogue substantiates their engagements, unprofessional relations, sexual relations, and use of city devices for discussing it (non city related purposes). As for meeting at the Resident Inn, good grief, AUDIT records. Yet these indescretions are only a few of the many others Kilpatrick and Beatty passed back and forth. Webb will need to be some spin doctor, because how anyone in these circumstances can go to a court of law and try to defend they did not lie under oath is beyond me. Likewise for the Mayor’s other lies like “I did not fire Gary Brown“… (Contradicted by Kilpatrick’s testimony here). Wow, this logic is almost (but not quite) as idiotic as Examiner Ha and McFail’s redundant objections during Mike Stefani’s deposition. Well, maybe the courts will decide to buy into it, but I don’t think the rest of society does. I truly don’t.


Kilpatrick Hizzoner Article / Video

This article is absolutely astounding.  Many are disappointed in Mike Cox’s record and I don’t know anyone that would vote him as governor either (article references his running for it). But the video from Fox 2 news regarding (more) of Kilpatrick’s egregious personal spending which he has a long history of,  is overhadowed by the display made by his mother. How is this person in congress? Never seen the likes of this, not even in New York political circles. Video:

We (Heart) Judge Columbo

Sadly, more conventions are CANCELLING in Detroit (this is the part we can thank Kwame for); new cancellations recently announced this week for Detroit in addition to the Mayor’s Convention which was cancelled in Detroit and re-routed to New Orleans last month.

Today, a Chicago events planner commented on Freep that they in turn announced their cancellation of Detroit events just this morning (March 28th) and are appalled at the way the city has been allowed to run. They are moving their convention to Ohio.

Despite this, there may be hope for Michigan yet. DetNews has just published that Wayne Circuit rulings announce that Kilpatrick nor others under investigation will be allowed to impede FOIA suit to investigate communications of public officials whom are in fact paid on public time and dime. The city council is quoted as remarking that “their position is the city of Detroit is the owners and subscribers of this information…

Thank you City Council, and other branches of Michigan government for taking notice. It inspires hope that governing officials are perhaps now more willing to seriously consider the thousands of voices of outrage expressed about Kilpatrick’s mis-management these past many years. Of humorous note, when objection to the releasing of the messages was proposed under the communications act, the logical question arises: If first the defendants assert (indeed testified) these kinds of communications never existed (sex scandals, firing of Mr. Brown etc.), or assert they the defendants charged were not the author of these messages (in reference to the pathetic strategy of “proving” whose finger hit the sent button), how then can their possibly be any objection by the defense?????

Right on JUDGE COLUMBO, Wayne County, Kym Worthy and hopefully the many others that will step forward with some basic common sense.

Update: Friday 8pm. LOGIC PREVAILS!

“…. how can you deny existence of documents to district court, then appear in circuit to defend why they should not be produced..Logic??? Exactly! Thank you Wayne Circuit, MI Supreme Court, and Detroit City Council! Yes, for 9 milllion dollars and countin, the public DOES have a freaking right to know.

And Johnson’s previous claim that documents are unadmissable, is SHUT DOWN. Per state attorneys, um… no, that doesn’t apply to public money in a back door deal; it doesn’t apply to a public official acting on behalf of the city of Detroit who frauded the taxpayers out of 9 million dollars. Side note: Attorney General Cox has also called for Kwame’s resignation according to local news.

Update – Friday Morning Video: Court Demands Missing Documents

Update – Friday Evening Video: Judge Not Taking Any More Crap

Update – Friday Evening Video: Court ORDERS Secret Documents

Right. January 2008 Ashvegas

Yes and after publicly denying numerous times his involvements with (correction: abuse and exploitation of) women, after justifying himself with bullcrap excuses such as: text messages (ie: sex with chief of staff) was from like 5 years ago during a difficult time…and other such nonsense, the questions remain. Ok then, so what about the use of public money to pay for your known extravagant travels right up through to this month when Wayne County announced prosecution proceedings? More lies video here.

Like the scandalous fashizzle just 60 days ago, in AshVegas, North Carolina? Kwame was invited to a PRAYER MEETING sponsored by the Martin Luther King Junior Association as a keynote speaker. But what does Kwame do? He fanagles expensive rooms and sensual massage services (massage alone cost excess $500) for yet another unidentified woman that is not his wife. Per the AshVegas luxury resort where Kilpatrick and “woman” stayed:

“The deluxe couples room is sprinkled with rose petals, then you and your significant other will receive a tandem candlelit Grove Park Inn Spa Massage, followed by an aromatic whirlpool bath. Sip chilled champagne while feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries.”

Inquiring minds want to know: Why has NO ONE has audited Kwame’s administration? Is it because he has “peeps” (and cousin) Patricia People’s shredding documents, credit card statements etc. to further obstruct justice? Why can’t AMEX, MC, VISA be subpoenaed then?

This is just one of many reprehensible acts Mayor Kilpatrick has perpetuated; adding up to more Detroit (and Michigan) time and dollars. Is this what we want our leader’s doing? And do MI residents want to continue paying for the “privilege”?

AshVegas, NC Luxury Resort // Carmen Slowsky & Kwame

Reality: Now He’s MalcolmX?

Folks a bit miffed at DetNews.com for unfairly implicating Kwame Kilpatrick has more supporters than he actually does. The original headline posted around 10PM first read “1,000’s Attend Rally” to support Kwame, when people know full well, that is not the case; nor can the building of the Black Madonna Church hold that amount of people to begin with. The headline is now changed.

But more annoying, was the absence of clarifying that: This was NOT an “open to the public event”, rather, an event choreographed and sponsored by Kwame and team for support, not the least of which included the welcoming of donations. Commentators of this article remarked “please DON’T put a private invite only event on TV” as if it were freely open to all of the public. Which it was not. Much of the media was not invited in either. Other than those that could assure a positive review in favor of Kwame’s “victimization” by the rest of society; which includes everyone in the country except the few hundred (NOT THOUSANDS as spun by the press), who want to believe the man is exempt from the law. But even more insulting, (yes really it is), Kwame goes so far as to compare himself to Malcolm X (what?) apparently to affix the notion he is a victim of the bad people of the State of Michigan, and not: his own calculated wrongdoings.

Comments here: No one believes Kwame’s hype…

The Original Article here: “What did I do wrong?….” Kilpatrick 

DetroitJusticeFund – What?!?

Is “Big Daddy” now on GoDaddy??? DetroitJusticeFund.com was registered on March 18, 2008. A week prior to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s announcement of criminal charges. The goal of the fund, that would be more aptly entitled the INJUSTICE fund, appears to be peddling for donations from the public, corporate endorsers, and of course, the ever reliable Michigan taxpayer to foot the bill for Kwame’s $700 dollar an hour non-african american attorney from Chicago. Funny his attorney is not from Detroit, lots of great local attorney’s would love that sort of hourly rate. Another slap in the face for the city Kwame has taken advantage of. Even more suspicious, the domain was registered A WEEK BEFORE Wayne County even announced pursuing Kwame and crew on criminal charges. Public outrage against this hypocrisy appears unanimous.

Update and Video courtesy of Detroit News:

Folks may also wish to check out the info on DetroitUncovered

A Hypocritical Oath

“We’ve never had a situation before where you can say anything, do anything…This unethical, illegal, lynch mob mentality has to stop.” Quoting Kwame’s State of the City speech with the “N” word. Wow. He wants to rally empathy for himself using his wife and children; yet another demonstration of his hypocritical nature. I wonder if, when he was sexing it up with Beatty, he was thinking about his wife? I wonder if, when he withheld communications about removing police officers from jobs he was pondering upon ethics? Or if, when he blocked investigations surrounding the death of Tamara Greene, and summarily concealed the real intent of payments excess 8.4 million of public money to protect himself from discovery, he was pondering on illegalities? Laughable! If there is pity to be had, Kwame should pity himself and not look anywhere other than into a mirror if he really wants to know who exactly is responsible for those doings.