VIDEOS: Brawl At City Council Today – Popcorn?

Deserving re-mention, the original post here “MONICA CONYERS CAT FIGHT” is being UPDATED with additional coverage as it is published on video. Stay tuned and don’t forget your popcorn. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. This honky-tonk brawling bar hop should be led out the same door as that party boy mayor she defends. She is a petty little person who is another black eye to my city that does not deserve such garbage

  2. Shame on Monica. We all know the only reason she was elected was name recognition. Why doesn’t her husband take care of his home and keep her there ? We never heard of this disgraceful person until she married Cong.John Conyers. She is nasty, ill-bred and disrespecful to both fellow council-members and citizens who disagree with her personal views. Fellow Detroiters when will we learn to vote wisely? She looks like she has a perpetual chip on her shoulder

  3. I watched this outrageous spectacle in amazement. Monica Conyer’s seems to become more and more agitated, as more clarity is shed on the Mayor and the Secret Agreement which was not shared with the City Council.

    Where is the respect, she was just obnoxious, loud, and ignorant. I wonder if on those Text Messages Monica Conyers is discussed and is she or was she involved with Kwame romantically too!!

    What ever is done in the dark will soon come to the light. Monica needs to resign she is in a position of leadership, but just who in the world could take her unprofessional outburst as a person who takes value in the City of Detroit .

  4. Totally agree with the above— she DOES need to step down IMMEDIATELY— gross misconduct and she and the rest of Kwame’s relatives should go too. Completely out of order and an embarrassment.

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