Reality: Now He’s MalcolmX?

Folks a bit miffed at for unfairly implicating Kwame Kilpatrick has more supporters than he actually does. The original headline posted around 10PM first read “1,000’s Attend Rally” to support Kwame, when people know full well, that is not the case; nor can the building of the Black Madonna Church hold that amount of people to begin with. The headline is now changed.

But more annoying, was the absence of clarifying that: This was NOT an “open to the public event”, rather, an event choreographed and sponsored by Kwame and team for support, not the least of which included the welcoming of donations. Commentators of this article remarked “please DON’T put a private invite only event on TV” as if it were freely open to all of the public. Which it was not. Much of the media was not invited in either. Other than those that could assure a positive review in favor of Kwame’s “victimization” by the rest of society; which includes everyone in the country except the few hundred (NOT THOUSANDS as spun by the press), who want to believe the man is exempt from the law. But even more insulting, (yes really it is), Kwame goes so far as to compare himself to Malcolm X (what?) apparently to affix the notion he is a victim of the bad people of the State of Michigan, and not: his own calculated wrongdoings.

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