It’s Scammer Time

It’s Scammer TimeThankfully the city council is not allowing any further “BS” to impede investigation. Nor allowing defense assertions of hiding Kwame’s salami exploits behind the 1986 “communications act”  to impede the cause of the public. It is clear from around the country that everyone, absolutely everyone wants to put an end to “MC SCAMMER & Friends”.

Even a layperson knows the purported “defense” of hiding behind the communications act a flimsy facade, and no defense. Just a desperate attempt on behalf of Kilpatrick’s (well paid) relations who fear further exposure as to just how insidious Kilpatrick’s reign has actually been. The 1986 act was NEVER instituted as means for legal recourse to privileged, elected officials, to legalize exploitation of the public; nor intending amnesty for criminal behavors or provisions for “anonymity” of public officials. Pullease.

submitted by: MotownLodown